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Meetings and events that matter.

01Strategy & Planning

Planning an event is the first and key step to make any event successful. Our services starts from here only when our team share best possible execution strategy & getting a realistic budget.

02Venue Selection

Selecting an appropriate location & Venue according to the event, is the most important part of the event. The success of an event depends on this. We suggest most fitting venue as per event theme and audience.

03Evaluate Event Success

When event finishes that not the end. Its important to have an overview that the purpose of event has been address fully or not. Did we find the outcome which we have planned for. Did we get the audience as per our expectation. We evaluate it too.

SERVICECorporate Event

Event is proven way for image building and achieving business goals

Any business that wants to build a brand or to promote business needs to know how to produce professional events. Whether its about a product launch for 100 people or an employee training for 30, it’s key to approach each audience with an understanding of the five elements of event management – research, design, planning, coordination and evaluation. Once an event is broken up into these manageable stages, it is much easier to conceptualize it and pull together the many moving pieces needed to bring it to life.

In this competitive world, corporate events allow people to relate in a personal way and develop genuine connections.

As a result, hosting corporate events has become more important than ever. In fact, according to the survey events are the most effective channel for achieving business goals and getting a good promotion.

Event is proven and a very effective channel to market you products or brand in less budget and time. Its also a successful way to develop relationship with their target audience. Hosting a corporate events allows you to strengthen bonds with employees, current clients and partners, and attract future ones.

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SERVICEMeetings and events that matter

  • Purpose of the event– It is important to know the goals and objectives of the event you are trying to produce before you can do anything else. Rather than thinking of it as just a corporate event, think about it like you’re delivering an interactive brand experience,
  • Set a realistic budget – We must need to know that how much money we can expend on event. Accordingly size of the event can be planed.
  • Decide the audience – An important part of the planning process is defining your target audience. Is it your company’s executives, managers, long time clients, business partners, community members, or a combination of a few of these or other groups? Once you can name your audience, you can cater the program to their needs and interests.
  • Choosing a theme & format – Once you have set your objectives and defined the audience, it’s time to choose a theme or topic for the event and determine the best format for presenting it to your guests.
  • Select an appropriate venue– Once you decide the type of event you’d like to create, it’s time to find a venue that allows you to bring your vision to life. It’s tempting, at times, to jump ahead and book a venue you’ve heard good things about or that you know is an up-and-coming hot spot, even if you haven’t quite honed in on the mission of your event.
  • Plan the logistics- To have a successful event, you will have to identify, vet and contract all the necessary event specialists. This may include caterers, audio-visual technicians, printers, decorators, photographers, florists and security personnel, stage, Backdrops etc..
  • Celebrate & evaluate the event – If the event went off without a hitch, congratulations! You are done here. But don’t forget to evaluate your event & get a feedback from the guests.

Type of events we are expert in

Many people do not realize there are so many different types of corporate events are happening these day. They all count it as one event. This is because they all have similarities as they all bring people together in a face-to-face situation to exchange ideas and information. But we have verity in types of event we cater. Everything changes as per event.
  • Seminar & Conferences – These are events which people confer, exchange views, convey messages, open debates or even shed light on areas of opinion on a specific issue.
  • Tradeshow – A tradeshow is commonly seen as an event people go to show, display or exhibit products or services for public or private view.
  • Team Building Events – Team-building events are some of the most important events that every business should consider hosting from time to time. Their primary purpose is to boost employee confidence and morale. They provide employees with a unique opportunity to come together and explore more about each other in a non-stress-inducing, non-work environment.
  • Product launch – A product launch is a tool used as a way to build anticipation for a products release. These types of events are usually aimed towards retailers or dealers.
  • Incentive programmes and executive retreats – These are not programmes that every business can afford. High-profile companies spend millions on exclusive executive retreats and incentive programmes that are held at luxury resorts all around the world. because these events provide organisations with the most visibility and recognition. While business development and planning are the main subjects of these programmes, equal weight is given to expensive and enjoyable activities.
  • Company milestone events – Similar to appreciation events, company milestone events are a cause for celebration. Depending on the company’s size and public presence, the execution may vary. These events may be limited to company employees or may include key clients and figures. Some kind of media coverage and public presence may also help spread the word about the business’ success.

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