Corporate Gifts

Discover the new type of gifting experience for corporates.

01For Employees

We at NVR-India are on the mission of appreciating an employee in many forms. We have the finest corporate gifts collection available here to enhance the relationship between you and your employees.

02For Customers/Clients

NVR-India offers you the most comprehensive corporate gifting solution that represents gratitude, goodwill, and excellent taste, and can act as a touchpoint between you and your prospective and existing customers.

03For Partners

Our NVR-India team can take the hassle out of choosing the right gift for your business partner. It is crucial to demonstrate to your business partners how much you value them and always have their best interests in mind.

SERVICEFuel your employee engagement engine with reward

Giving gifts to employees is a very important way of showing your appreciation for their hard work, smarts, and loyalty to the organization. We provide Corporate Gifts to assist employees in recognizing their efforts, building confidence, increasing team motivation, and encouraging positive growth.

Show appreciation and motivate your talent with the perfect perks for every occasion, milestone, and team event

  • Branded company store
  • Automated birthday and anniversary gifts
  • Management and peer recognition platform
  • Onboarding kits, #WFH care packages, and more
  • Let-them-pick eGifts, peer-to-peer gifting, and thank-you notes
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SERVICEPower up your pipeline with instant corporate gifting

Giving a gift is so much more than a transaction. It is about making an emotional connection. Whether you are planning a gift program or looking for a gift for an event, make sure that the gift you choose is meaningful, accurate, and special. That’s where we come in.

From the first touch to final T’s and C’s, build relationships at every
stage of the funnel.

Nurture customer relationships with connected experiences

Let us know what your company’s goals and values are, who the recipient is and what you’re looking to accomplish, and we can help you create a perfect experience within your budget.

Remember that corporate gifts present a chance to spark unforgettable feelings If you work with NVR India, don’t expect a fruit basket or a canvas tote, that’s not what we’re about.

We want to create lasting memories and long-lasting bonds. These are quality, high-value gifts from luxury luggage to sought-after name-brand sunglasses, bags, and headphones. You can design a gifting package, overseas adventure, gifting website, or live broadcast event if the occasion calls for an experience rather than a gift. It builds loyalty when you show your clients you care, and this leads to them returning again and again.

WHAT WE DOSome of the corporate events organized by NVR India.

Let us take your brand to the next level.